If you’re thinking about getting a conservatory then it’s probably because you want more living space in your home. However, not only will a conservatory provide this all the year round, it’ll also add appeal to your property.

There are lots of conservatory styles around, and different ones suit different properties. So look into all of them carefully before making your decision so you get the right one for your home.

uPVC conservatories are constantly popular, mainly because of their cost. They’re without doubt your cheapest option and hardly need any maintenance.

However, lots of property owners also like the appearance and appeal of wooden conservatories. They’re not incredibly costly and look remarkable, particularly with period homes.

Wooden conservatory advantages

By selecting a wooden conservatory you’ll quickly enhance the character of your home and give both its inside and outside a new appeal.

Wooden conservatories are pleasing on the eye and with an appealing finish, are unparalleled in aesthetic terms. You’ll have this long-term appeal for decades. And now they need much less maintenance than they used to.

Types of wooden conservatory frames

Many property owners get put off wooden conservatories because they think they’ll be too expensive, but this isn’t really a problem anymore. Of course, some woods cost more than others, but don’t assume you have to break the back to get a quality wooden conservatory.

A few of your wood options include:

Idigbo: This Western African wood is light and long-lasting. It’s similar to oak but less expensive. It’s very popular and the commonest conservatory frame wood.

Luan: This is a common wood so it’s relatively affordable. It’s often used instead of pine and is from the Philippines.

Brazilian cedar: This is a dark wood that’s similar to mahogany. It’s a low expense option and great for conservatories.

Preserving your wooden conservatory

Wood has been used in the building trade for generations and it’s obvious why. Doors, windows and conservatories all gain from the strength, resistance and visual appeal of wood.

While wood is not as high maintenance as some people expect, it does need treating every couple of years. This will keep the wood frames in top condition and keep your conservatory looking great.