Aluminium front doors are increasing in popularity as the rate of setup falls. There are a lot of styles and colours to select from, making it an excellent choice for various sort of homes.

Nonetheless like any product, it has its benefits and drawbacks. We have produced a valuable list so you can see if the advantages exceed the downsides for your house.

Pros of aluminium front doors

Strong and enduring

Considering that the front door is the main entryway into your home, you want to guarantee that it’s secure and keeps your house safe from unwanted visitors. Aluminium is strong and durable, so it can hold up against an exceptional amount of force.

Aluminium is likewise resistant to rust, and will not rot gradually like wood doors will. Expect an aluminium door to last years – you might simply need to modify your front door once in your lifetime.

Excellent appearance

Aluminium front doors look magnificent on modern-day homes, as they are often smooth and simple-looking. However, they can similarly look great on older style houses as there are lots of designs and colours to choose from.

Producers colour aluminium using a powder finish, but you can also paint your aluminium door if you get bored of the colour. Just bear in mind normal paint might begin to chip and fracture under constant heat of the sun and rain, so ensure you utilise a reliable brand of paint.

Flexible in design

If you’re aiming to discover a bespoke door, aluminium is a fantastic option as it has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. That suggests you can have designs with huge windows and other functions that uPVC or wood may not have the capability to endure.


Aluminium front doors are a sustainable choice since they can be fully recycled. Recycling centres can melt down the metal and make other products with it with no decline in quality, so aluminium is a perfect option if you want to be eco-friendly.

Cons of aluminium front doors

High upkeep

The parts that comprise aluminium doors can rub against each other with time. This can lead to problems with jamming and you may end up not being able to shut your front door. To prevent this, you need to oil the parts with an appropriate item regularly.

Not thermally efficient

Because aluminium is a metal, that suggests it conducts heat well. This isn’t really best for your energy expenses. This is because it will take a lot more heat to keep the spaces warm in your house. In the summer time, it’ll be harder to keep the spaces cool.

Problems with condensation

Considering that aluminium is a remarkable heat conductor, it implies you can wind up with condensation. You may discover that in humid spaces near your front door, water beads form on the glass or door frame due to the fact that they are cooler than the temperature level of the room. If you do not handle the issue rapidly, you can wind up with mould development. This looks unappealing and can also set off health issues.

Now that you know the benefits and disadvantages of aluminium doors, the choice is yours. Whether you decide to select uPVC, wood, composite or aluminium, we can assist you in finding a professional to install your new front door. We can also help you find new windows to match. Simply fill in our form and we’ll match you with approximately 4 installers in your local area.