How to Choose the Right Glass for your Windows

“Choosing the right glass for my windows? Don’t I just pick the frame material and let the installer do the rest?” If you thought this to yourself when you clicked on this article, you’re not alone. But you are mistaken!
Technology has now made it easier for us to improve the quality of natural light we get in our homes. So now, you can choose glass to help you get the most out of your windows from the inside as well as out. Find out about the different glass types and what they’re best for in this article.

Toughened glass

Toughened glass not only provides strength to your windows but also enhances light. Toughened glass is coated in a special film that stops the glass from shattering and falling out if it breaks. This is great if you have kids, as they can’t injure themselves on the pieces of glass.
Toughened glass also cuts out UV light and glare, making your home much more comfortable. It’s also manufactured so it will retain much more heat than normal windows, which is a great feature seeing as glass is one of the biggest sources of heat loss in the home.

Laminated glass

Usually used on car windscreens, laminated glass will also provide extra strength to your windows. Laminated glass is formed of two glass sheets that have a plastic film in between them. If subjected to force it will crack, but it won’t shatter everywhere.

Self-cleaning windows

How amazing! Self-cleaning windows are probably a dream for most homeowners. Window cleaning is not the most fun of household jobs. Self-cleaning glass has a special coating on it that enables rainwater to run off, which takes the dirt and dust that’s built up on the window with it.
Lots of tall buildings use self-cleaning glass as window cleaning becomes a bit precarious – but if you just can’t be bothered to clean your windows, self-cleaning glass is a must.
Whether you’re replacing old windows or building a new home from scratch, think about your glass options. You could end up with the most technologically advanced home on your street!
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