When was the last time your property was rewired? If you’re not sure, you’ll probably need to look into getting it done.

But why is rewiring important? It’s because malfunctioning or old wiring can be a fire hazard and might lead to electrocution. We have put together 4 times when you might need to get rewiring work done.

You are doing significant remodelling work

If you are doing any major remodelling work that Building Regulations would define as a material alteration, you will probably have to have to have a part or possibly complete rewiring job done.

You will likewise need to consider upgrading your consumer unit, or fuse box, to make sure it’s safe and has the capacity to deal with your new wiring.

Your existing wiring is 30 or more years old

If your home hasn’t been rewired in the last 30 years or more, it will probably need rewiring. Requirements have changed a lot in the past 30 years, and your existing electrics may be hazardous.

Older wiring has to work significantly harder to keep up with the demands of modern-day life. Think about all the appliances we have now that we didn’t 30 years ago.

You’re building an extension or conversion

If you decide to extend your house or convert your loft or garage, all the new wiring will have to meet Part P regulations. However, you could need to have all your existing electrical circuits upgraded too. This is because the new wiring in the additional areas will put extra pressure on your existing wiring and it may not be able to cope.

The government updates regulations

If you are extending or remodelling, the rest of your existing wiring does not necessarily need to be upgraded. However, the exception is where Building Regulations specify that upgrading is required by the power specifications they detail. This means that if you need central heating controls but your wiring can’t withstand it, you’ll need to rewire.

What’s the cost of rewiring?

Rewiring is a significant job and it isn’t cheap. Nevertheless, it sometimes has to be done. The typical cost of a kitchen extension rewire is between £1,000 and £1,500. The average rate for rewiring a three-bedroom semi-detached property is around £3,200. Prices tend to vary according to where you live and the electrician you contact, so make sure you get quotes from lots of professionals.

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