It’s becoming more common to have less space around the home, but in actual fact, floor space isn’t everything. What’s just as important is knowing how to use your space efficiently to maximise your home’s potential.

There are plenty of tricks in the book too such as creating illusions with lighting, using your dead space and fitting clever storage facilities.

So take a look at the best tips for maximising space in your home below:

1. Conversions and extensions

If you want to maximise efficiency, it’s not always about thinking small. In the long term you could find that a big investment is well worthwhile and that’s exactly what a conversion or extension provides.

A conversion makes the use of wasted space in say, the loft. On the other hand, an extension will expand your home and create a wealth of extra space to enjoy. According to Nationwide, building an extra room in your home can increase value by a whopping 20%.

2. Make a mezzanine

Don’t just think about the floor space in your home, but also consider how you can move up in the world. A mezzanine creates extra floor space in the area above, particularly useful for homes with high ceilings.

If you’re considering creating a mezzanine, then make sure to consider the light properties as blocking light can easily cramp up the room.

3. Staircase sculpting

When it comes to creating space you’re unlikely to give much thought to the stairs as an inflexible fixture, but actually you can make worthwhile changes.

Slatted stairs for example create a lighter and more spacious living area, whilst giving you the opportunity for extra storage, such as the cupboard under the stairs.

4. Light possibilities

If you have a smaller home, it’s often not helped by the way light is dispersed. Light can have a big effect on the look and feel of any property, so it’s time to open out. Open plan rooms are a great place to start, providing a spacious and light feel.

You could also consider glazed ceilings and larger windows to allow in more natural light. Consider mirrors to help reflect light around your home too.

5. Outdoor areas

Don’t just confine yourself inside, especially when there’s a bundle of potential in the garden too. With the right decking and outdoor features you can easily create the perfect environment to relax on those warm evenings and at weekends, without being stuck inside.

Your options are seemingly endless too, with accessories such as awnings, outdoor heaters and patio areas possible to bring your new space to life.