If you’re considering a conservatory for your home, you’ve probably got lots of questions. What style should you go for? How can you heat it efficiently? We answer all your questions about conservatories so you can make the most out of the new addition to your property.

Which style should I get?

Finding the best style of conservatory for your home all depends on the age and look of your property. Make sure you choose a type that complements the house, so if you have a country-style property timber conservatories can look great.

You can get away with lean-to and Victorian conservatories in uPVC on most properties, but watch out for planning regulations if you live in a period home in a conservation area.

Do conservatories need planning permission?

Conservatories are a permitted development, so you shouldn’t need planning permission if you meet some basic conditions. As long as your conservatory doesn’t exceed 50% of the total land around the house and is no higher than 3m on a semi-detached house, you won’t need to contact your local authority building control. If you get in there quick and have a conservatory built before 30th May, you can have a conservatory 6m in height on a semi-detached house or 8m on a detached.

Will a conservatory fit in my small garden?

There are lots of possibilities with a conservatory, but space could be a problem if you will be fixing to a neighbour’s walls or if it will disrupt drainage. If the conservatory will be overlooked you can solve this problem by having privacy windows fitted. If you’re in a conservation area or live in a listed building this can also affect the space you have to build a conservatory.

How can I heat my conservatory efficiently?

Experts recommend heating conservatories with underfloor heating, although this is more expensive than radiators. The only issue with heating a conservatory using your central heating is that the heat will be lost very quickly, meaning you have to turn up the thermostat. So it could mean the savings you make with underfloor heating actually offset the higher price.

If your conservatory will be south-facing, in the summer you will find it gets hot. You can buy double glazing with UV filters to reduce solar gain.

How can I keep the sun or prying eyes out?

There are lots of different blinds you can choose from that look fantastic in conservatories. Pleated blinds are perfect for conservatory roofs because they are made to fit awkward shapes. Venetian, Roman, or vertical blinds work well in conservatories and top-down, bottom-up conservatories are ideal for privacy but still allowing some sun in.

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