5 Tips for Keeping your Conservatory Cool in Summer Time

So, you’ve dreamed of having a conservatory, saved your hard-earned money and finally got one. It’s a great space for entertaining or relaxing in, but when summer arrives, you find it’s just too hot to use! What do you do?
Well, there are a number of easy and cost-effective things you can do to help you use your conservatory in all weathers.  We can help with each solution!

1. Add blinds

You can add blinds to the roof and/or windows to block out a lot of sunlight and reduce the interior heat of your conservatory greatly. Not only that, but in the winter time they can help to insulate your conservatory and keep it at a comfortable temperature all year round.
Blinds, of course, provide added privacy particularly if you live in close proximity to other houses or roads too. Local Pros can put you in touch with blinds installers to provide a competitive quotation for whatever level of coverage you need.
air conditioning unit with cooling air pictured leaving it

2. Install air conditioning

One of the best solutions to cool your conservatory has to be air conditioning. But this does come at a price. Depending on how keen you are to create a comfortable interior, units can be bought from as little as £400 up to and beyond £1000.
Air conditioning can also help in the winter time to keep your conservatory warm and comfortable when you want to use it. Again, this does come at a price, as use of air conditioning units will add to your electricity bill.
If you have solar panels, you won’t have to worry about any added energy costs, as your air conditioning can run off your system or battery back up at other times.

3. Consider different roofing solutions

This is a great one both for older conservatories and when planning for a new one. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the traditional glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory.
Polycarbonate has always been the cheaper option, but has its drawbacks as it won’t retain the heat in winter time. Glass roofs are a bit more costly, but they do have better insulation and allow all year round use. However, they can create oven-level temperatures on those hot summer days and nights!
Having a solid roof will make your conservatory more thermally efficient, as well as improve its acoustics, thereby creating a calmer environment. Local Pros is well-placed to provide contractors who can quote for the best roofing solution for your conservatory.

4. Increase ventilation

This is so simple and, in many ways, it’s common sense to allow free ventilation through your conservatory. On sunny days, simply open windows and doors throughout the house to stop your conservatory overheating.
However, ventilating the roof can help on days when this is not possible. For existing conservatories, it’s possible to add a skylight or two, but this depends on the structure of the conservatory and age of its roof.
For new conservatories, or if you are considering replacing the roof, make sure you consider ventilation opportunities using windows, doors and the roof. As always, Local Pros can put you in touch with the right company to advise and quote on a tailored ventilation solution for your conservatory and give you a breath of fresh air.

5. Apply cooling film

Cooling film, similar to putting sunglasses on your conservatory, is an adhesive layer that’s now widely available. This reflects the sun’s rays away from the room as well as preventing UV rays from entering. It can also help to stop furniture and pictures fading in prolonged sunshine.
This is an inexpensive option, but we’d recommend contacting a professional to apply this correctly.
Some of these options may seem a little drastic, but if your conservatory is old and you’re considering an upgrade, these are the areas to focus on.
Always consider the design before committing to work or a new construction. Think about each option to maximise usability of your conservatory at all times of the year. Speak to us here at Local Pros for all your needs and let us find the right professional for a happy home.